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Short Film - 2020

Billy the kid runs the most popular lemonade stand in town. However his business is threatened when the adults find out what he is actually selling.

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Short Film - 2019

Svetlana  is having a  bad day, like a really bad day. Not only is she burying her husband today... Nothing seems to be going according to plan. And as the wake starts to turn into a drunken piss up, Svetlana confides in a stranger and is faced with a choice that could ultimately change the rest of her life.

Dir. Eddie Diamandi Prod. George Rubanov, Katerina Mitropoulos.



Short Film - 2016 

When a recent widow discovers that a mysterious woman had been a significant part of her husband's life, she is determined to find out the truth.

Dir. Eddie DIamandi Prod. Andrew Brinsmead Scr. Claire Ewart

© 2016 Maschine Media 

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Short Film - 2015

Bobby is a girl. Bobby keeps getting picked on by a bunch of bullies. The bullies soon find out... You don't f**k with Bobby.

DIr. Eddie Diamandi Prod. Sophie Hayward.

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Short Film - 2014

Rigor Mortis is a short film about Chris, a funeral embalmer, whose family unit is threatened with the arrival of an unhinged lover at his workplace.

Dir. Eddie Diamandi Prod. George Rubanov

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Short Film - 2012

Niko Belkin, a once famous Russian clown, struggles to balance his family life with his craft. As he slowly realizes that no one takes him seriously.

DIr. Eddie Diamandi

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