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Lemon(aid) was shot on a $200 Budget. The short film was initially created for the (successful) submission to the AFI in LA. However the world had other plans, and before anyone knew it, a pandemic broke out, and I am sure you know how the rest goes. The film was written, shot and edited within a week with a crew of only a handful of people. It was quite fun to organize the whole thing with very little time up my sleeve. Writer/ Director/ Editor: Eddie Diamandi Cinematographer: Oran Franko Cam Assist: Alex Konis Sound Recordist: Akean Geoffrey Lee Sound Design: Nana Gyasi Agyei Production Design: Candice Johnson Composer: Jordan Gilmour Starring: Alexander Pezzin, Tony Nikolakopoulos, Sally Faraday, James Andrews, Stu Jeanfield, Chris Lichti.

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