Short Film - 2018

Svetlana  is having a  bad day, like a really bad day. Not only is she burying her husband today... Nothing seems to be going according to plan. And as the wake starts to turn into a drunken blowout. Svetlana confides in a stranger and is faced with a choice that could ultimately change the rest of her life.


Natalia Novikova , Olga Makeeva, Lara Khronovskaya


Writer - Director - Editor: Eddie Diamandi

Producers: Katerina Mitropoulos, George Rubanov

Director of Photography: Edward Goldner

Production Designer: Jamie Helmer

Costume Designer: Steph Hooke

Colourist: CJ Dobson

Sound Design by FInal Sound

Composer: Jordie Gilmour

Video Channel

Video Channel